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There are three types of rowing bicycles, each one having distinctive specifications.

Each bike comes with saddlebag, pump, tools, spare cables, inner tube and a rubber solution for punctures.


Type 1                                                                  [top][type 2][type 3]

This is the high-frame type. On one of these, Paul de Weert made a non-stop journey from Paris to Amsterdam (540 k).


oudere type roeifiets


Type 2     Promotie prijs van 75.000 BEF voor deze fiets                                               [top][type 1][type 3]

This is the latest type, with a medium-height frame.

nieuwe type roeifiets


Type 3                                                                 [top][type 1][type 2]

This is the racing type lying very much lower on the road and capable of reaching even higher speeds. On such a bike Paul crossed the whole length of Norway. In this case too, the journey was non-stop.  He achieved speeds of up to 90 k.p.h. in mountain territory.


De racer !