girl on rowingbikeThe rowing bike is a spin-off of the sport of rowing – one of the most complete and healthy kind of sports which uses every muscle group in the body.

Rowing increases stamina and is an endurance sport. The rowing bike was initially designed to enable male and female rowers to continue training in times of freezing or near-freezing weather.

Meanwhile it has become more than a mere alternative to the skiff or rowing ergometre. Non-rowers, too, have come to discover and appreciate it: after all it is a very comfortable reclining bike, driven by one singular motion that enables you to develop great strength. A genuine calorie burner! Row biking is a sensational experience that works on virtually every single muscle, thus allowing you to move faster than with a racing bike. It provides excellent riding comfort thanks to the ergonomic rowing motion and the outstanding design of its luxurious seat. No more "saddle-soreness"! The rowing bike is a unique equipment for fitness training.

Perhaps a new kind of sport is born?

This phenomenon on wheels is not only used by ardent sportsmen. The medical sector, too, is increasingly interested in using the rowing bike for fitness tests, physiotherapeutic treatment of (sports) injuries, ...